Sunday, March 31, 2013

moment watches1

Hello! Hurray to the long weekend! (:

The fiance is in genting for the entire week for leehom's concert tour, i wanted to go to genting to surprise him over the weekend, though i'd grab a airtic to KL but i realized that i dont know know to go to genting from there, so instead i wanted to get a coach ticket but everything is sold out! I finally found coach tickets to go to genting but i had no tickets to come back to singapore lol, all sold out, hotels and all too. 
WTS. It's just genting for god's sake.

 Since the surprise trip was down the gutter, I've had the loveliest laziest weekend ever. Lazed in bed and read on my kindle, finished 2 romance novel by Lisa Kleypas. [any good books to recommend? Imma romance / sci-fi kinda girl!] 



I also went to Spa Artisan at Fullerton Hotel for a wonderful pampering massage with Felicia then followed by dinner at Skinny Pizza. Mmmm, Squid ink paella. Ahi Taki Pizza. Truffles fries. Apple Cider. Yums!


Wearing K-Palette's latest lash perm mascara today over a coat of ZA primer mascara certainly holds curl well and I like how it separates and coats every lash and it doesn't give you the eeky dreaded spidery look! 


I finally retired my iPhone 4 as of yesterday and got myself a new iPhone 5! Haahahah very proud to say that my iPhone 4 has been real faithful to me and did not give me any problems at all.


Oh before i forget, yes this is Giveaway Sunday! Hahaha, Moment's Watches sent me this adoraaaaaable watch under their The Year of 52 Moments series called "Be 'Late', A Moment to GIGGLE."


Heheh made cute and suits me to the T! 
Cos yes i'm always 5 minutes late. ahem, or a little more? Hahahah but now i have a watch that tells me it's ok to be 5 minutes late *Giggles*

Whoever came up with this design is a genius.


moment watches

I'm giving away not one, but [2!!!] of these "Be 'Late', A Moment to GIGGLE." Moment watches 
worth 40USD each.

All you gotta do to win yourself one of these darlings:

Email me at / comment below telling me..
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Heh easy right? Quick! Join join join! (:

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Lazy Weekend.

Monday, March 25, 2013

What do you do in your weekends?
Sometimes i feel like i'm struggling to stay active / feel so tired from the entire week that i just wanted to crash.

Don't go out = wasting a perfectly good non-working day
Go out = Tired as hell leh, not well-rested

LOL, so this week friday i went to a club opening, Dream with Nadnut & David, Rachie, Carrie & Boyf & Smith.

600322_10152668875400066_1736722284_n Errr, drink drank drunk and fiance spent one hour looking for me / waiting outside the club after his gig at Switch, Timbre was over and he came to pick me up. Luckily he wasn't too mad at me, I'm ever so lucky!

Went to his place wanted to use the pee pee and in my drunkard haze i picked up his kitty and at the same time my clutched fell loudly on the floor scaring Ninja and I was given a huge miao miao souvenir. Daaaaamn ugly hahah everyone tells me it looks like I got abused by my boyfriend or something. hahahah Ya right.

Slept till 11am [shiok!] watched The Impossible with the fiance, omg it's super scary?!

In the evening we wanted to go for a walk so we drove past the waterway where we saw that our future home plot of land is finally being fenced up and they have started some foundation work or whatever! Woots

6 Went to Punggol End cos i wanted to check out the Horse Ranch and turned out that was the first day of their opening! #PunggolRanch is finally open! I want to go horse-riding! There's a cafe serving all day breakfast + beers etc so we can chill there sometimes soon! 
They only had pony rides that day so i didn't wanna ahem over-burden the poor pony hahahah.
Oooooo, they have pretty lotus plants in the pond now which used to be pretty eeeky. we had old school ripple + waffle slice ice cream while enjoying the sea breeze! So lucky we're staying so near here in the future.

The very next day we went back at about 11plus in the morning for brunch at Bacon & Booze, I was SO excited that there is finally a brunch place in Punggol!
The food is terrible here. Waited close to 40mins for a plate of French toast with banana & strawberry ($10) and got it served COLD. Its not even warm, The "French toast" is rubbery. @leonlimyuzhi's breakfast ($17) was COLD too, nothing is even warm at the very least. Can you imagine cold sautéed mushrooms with garlic? I love garlic but eating it cold is batshit crappy man.


Hahaha @leonlimyuzhi proposed to me again yesterday with this silly ass balloon sculpted daisy ring and I said NO. LOL

Yay short work week this week, more public holidays mooooooore! Unfortunately boyf will be away this week for work and i have no one to play with. hahaha.
 Have a wonderful blissfully short week ahead! (:

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Unraveling my First Black Box.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Came home the other day after a long day at work and saw this baby on the table!
Wooooots, can't wait to open it!


Oh hellooooo BlackBox! 

Remember i blogged about there being a new Sampling Box in town.. which is catered to Men & Women [there's always something in BlackBox for the men]
Hope you subscribed and have received your very own BlackBox too!

What's so special about Black Box, you ask? It's FREE! Absolutely free!
Before you grunt and think to yourself aiyah what free where got such a good deal in SG, Singapore everything want money money money!


Well the good folks at Black Box wants to encourage Responsible Sampling, and send you a BlackBox full of the latest, tried and tested products by the Black Box Team!

Opened it and saw a welcome letter from Black Box and the other side is the product which can be found in my BlackBox, description & prices, where to buy etc.

Previously i had this problem of trying out sampling, loving it but have no idea where to buy it!!! So upsetting, so this is awesome.


In the Black Vinyl Pouch adorned with Black Box's logo, is full of Beauty, dining, shopping vouchers!! Woots I wanna go try out the Aramsa Spa one, seems like a good deal $138 for 60min massage for 2! Bring mummy!


WAH! Really damn impressed upon unwrapping the Black Tissue Paper, these are the samples in the FREE Black Box. Many of them are delux/travel sized products!!! As promised there is really 2 items specially for the men, will pass to the fiance for his WangLeeHom touring trips!


Whoa this is crazy, there's is a mini beauty blender in my BlackBox! the full-sized Beauty Blender is retailing at $25.00 by the way, Saw so many youtube beauty guru raving about this but never gotten around to try it, thanks to BlackBox it's sent to my very door step, my first time trying out the Beauty Blender and i'm loving it! Came with some instruction to use it too.

First you have to dampen the Beauty Blender, i use my Jurlique / Ettusais facial mist to wet it cos i'm too lazy to walk to my toilet to wet it every morning obviously [LOL] well at long as it's damp, i will dispense one pump of my foundation/bb cream on my hand and dap it lightly and stipple it on my face [bouncing action], you can use the "sharper end" for harder to reach area like side of nose etc!

Also for concealers just dap a little with Beauty Blender, and dap on under eye area with a little "twisty" action. Hahahha kind of fun really.


Have not heard of Estetica before but they are offering a $38 LumiWhite Facial trial! Also they included a mini tube of Sunshield which offers sheer coverage, UV Protection of SPF 50, tried it this morning and it blends in perfectly with my skin!


Have a $20 discount to redeem, think i should drop by for the trial facial + get this cos I pretty much love it! Because I'm quite tanned usually BB creams would make me look to fair etc but this one blends in perfectly!


Travel sized tube! Lol i have been using this for 1.5 week and i'm not even half through the tube yet. Really love how the samples are really good sized so i get to really sample.

This Darlie toothpaste is their latest Expert White range which helps to prevent stains! Ahem i might be putting on braces soon prior to the wedding so anti-stain is pretty important from now on, don't want to get those eeky braces stains when i remove my braces tsk tsk.


Love the Nature Valley Crunchy Bars! Hahaha brought it to work as my breakfast + tea time snack the very next day i received my Black Box, i remember fiance introduced Nature's Valley to me a couple years back and I was a huge fan of the Apple Cinnamon Flavor and he looooove the Peanut Butter flavor. We tend to eat something we like very excessively till we're very sick of it so that was what happened a few years back hahaha, but it's definitely going back to my favorite snack list! 

Will grab a pack of them the next time i hit the supermarket to do some groccery shopping - hahah yeah right more like snacks shopping.


Passed this to the fiance so he can use it! Dunno why he don't have the habit of using scrubs but after trying it out he really like it because it doesn't dehydrate his dry skin either, but does a great job with removing all the dead skin! Also it's super affordable so I foresee we will be picking up a full-sized on at the supermarket once he runs out of this.


Heard lots of good things about the Youth Code range but haven't gotten to try it, i heard that adding a couple drops of Youth Code Pre-Essence to your foundation will give you a more sheer + flawless look at the same time, your makeup will take care of your skin too!


Wow this is awesome I always feel that Dr Jart is one of Korea's better BB cream brands, this tube would probably last me a long time man! Has SPF 45 and for whitening & anti-wrinkle - very paranoid about wrinkles this days. ):


Did i mention Black Box is a free subscribption box? LOL i'm quite sure i did. But in my box i also receive a really good travel size Dettol Body Wash! It's their latest Natural Nourishing Body Wash, smells sooooo good infact once i opened my BlackBox the whole box is filled with the scent lol.
Contains almonds which really hydrate skin! Really not a fan of their usual antiseptic scent so this is really new to me, didn't know they came up with such a yummy smelling product. (:

Want your very own complimentary Black Box?

Simply subscribe at and key in “FidelisBB” in the referrer code column and stand a chance to receive your very own FREE Black Box with at least 4 deluxe samples in April!

Also, Black Box will be conducting a give-away on their Facebook page soon 
so “Like” Black Box on Facebook now! 

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Missing the 爱心早餐 that Leon use to make me when i was working at my previous company! Heh my colleagues will always be so jealous and go ooh and ahhhh at what he would pack for me.
Look at the #爱心早餐 @leonlimyuzhi prepared and sent to me to bring to work! Awwww! #theluckiestchick #BestBoyfriendEver   

Super yummy eggtarts, chocolate coated goji berry (my fav!!) and my colleagues were super envious that he even cut my fav golden kiwi for meeee. #爱心早餐 #bestboyfriendever 

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Power UP! with Collabee, Honey & Collagen.

Friday, March 15, 2013


You'll be kidding yourself if you say no to wanting youthful, radiant and bouncy *boing boing* skin!
After my 21st birthday it's like time is simply FLYING past me, fast forward 2 years this year i'm already 23 when i feel like i've just celebrated my stepping into adulthood, my 21st birthday birthday bash.

Right now i'm so freaked out to find out the side of my forehead when i look up i would have little lines and also lines in the inner corner of my eye, i'm really really conscious of anti-aging products right now, desperately trying to claw back to my youthfulness and fight the cruel thing called time.


Recently, i've discovered Bioflora Collabee Honey and Collagen with 10,000mg collagen peptides!!!
It's actually from Japan, super popular in Japan and only recently available in Singapore!


I would take one bottle, chilled right before bed time, I think it's really delicious as compared to some of the popular collagen drink brands i have tried before Collabee. hahaha i bought 3 boxes at one shot and kept them chilled, lol half a level of my fridge is full of Collabee!

Collabee 1

It's sweeten au natural with Manuka Honey [It's a powerful immune system booster and has anti-oxidant properties and so much additional benefits on top of the collagen!!] and it taste like a tropical pineapple mocktail. Yums!!


A Bottle of Collabee every night will help re-build our skin which is damage by the UV rays, pollution, boost your immune system, improve bone and joint health [very important to take care if you workout or run a lot], re-hydrate your body tissues and promote beautiful shiny healthy hair and nails.

[My personal experience after trying for one full month:]

Previously i was really having very bad breakouts for at least 4-5 months now [due to stress + unhealthy diet + lack of exercise + no time to take care of skin] and after i took this for consecutively 2 weeks one bottle every night, somehow the breakouts stopped!!!

I was really shocked by it, definitely did not expect it to help with my breakouts at all. Super impressed

And i definitely feel like my skin has more elasticity to it, i feel that to prevent wrinkles, elasticity in skin is the key!!! Without elasticity your skin will start to sag cos it won't be able to "hold up" well and thus causing wrinkles, saggy cheeks etc omg the horrors!!!

It's recommended to drink every night for the first 3 months, then for maintenance take one bottle on alternate nights for my age - 40, for age 40 and over will need more!


Definitely one happy girl after discovering Collabee, this has became one must-have as my daily supplement, to be honest i'm really lazy to take gabillion different supplement [hate swallowing pills too, the only supplement i tryyyy to take constantly is GNC Vitamin E Gel Capsule, really good for skin and hair]

So i'm glad this is so simple! Just drink one bottle every night, obviously i don't expect my lines to disappear or anything, but to maintain as I am right now is the key and to prevent anymore wrinkles or whatsoever! Girls, we gotta take care of ourselves and maintain our beauty!

Pssst: Do you know that Collagen speeds up your metabolism too?! I just found out! Definitely need to start dieting after all these fatty CNY feasts so it's definitely a thumbs up for me! 


They are having a discount now for the Collabee Honey And Collagen drinks!!

Now at $70.40
Usual Online Price at $78.80

Only at

Simply quote "Fidelis" to get the discount!


Also my mummy and fiance is HUGE on home remedies like quickly taking one spoonful of manuka honey or mixing manuka honey with water and drinking lots of it when we feel like a sore throat is coming and it always helps!


I was recommended to try this two honey as well, Linden Honey and Acacia Honey:

Acacia helps with contipation problems, took one teaspoonful of this in the morning without mixing with water and after afew hours, problem solved!! Really stunned at the results actually wasn’t expecting it to work so well cos usually yakult and stuff just don’t do anything for me at all, usually have to take laxatives to go. :x
[i can go on for an entire week without pooping, 100% constipated. LOL]

Acacia honey also helps to improve blood circulation and detoxification of liver.

Linden helps with insomnia, i don't actually have insomnia but I haven't been sleeping well due to stress, it's like after working the entire day when i sleep i keep dreaming about working, even while i'm sleeping i'm dreaming that i'm working, very depressing and definitely not well-rested!

Take it neat or with lukewarm water few hours before you hit the bed to feel the maximum effect.

They both taste different and are both really delicious, other than simply eating a spoonful of it i also try to make it more fun and yummy to take them in my daily life like:

P1090700 copy

Adding a dollop of honey [bottom layer in the picture] in my yogurt, add fruit jam or fresh cut fruit and have that for breakfast, super yummy! Sometimes i have this when i want to have a healthy snack during the day too!


If you wanna lose weight, you can also try drinking a glass of lukewarm water with 1 spoon of honey and add some lemon juice every morning!
Go get a box of Collabee to see if you'll see great results like i have or even for maintainance and let me know how is it for you okay!

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Shopping loots: Swavoski Jewellery at Orion Crystal Jewellery!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Orion jewel

I was telling my colleague that i was looking for an adorable but light &basic earring that i could wear on days that i wanna "rest" my overtaxed earlobes from heavy chunky earrings and she recommended me to check out
which is much raved about in some forums and she have gotten a couple of accesorries from there and she was telling me how much she liked that and they carry very pretty designs too.

The accesories they carry are all made with Swarovski Elements, Pure Rhodium &Titanium so any of their accesories would last a looooong time because it's anti-tarnishing & also good news with people with sensitive earlobes like me! It's Allergenic-Free so no itchy earlobes even while wearing these adorable little blings!

Orion jewel 2

I got these adorable Diore Crystal Gold Heart Earrings, I think it's the perfect size! 

18K Gold plated and studded with SWAROVSKI Elements.
Not too big and not too dainty that it goes unnoticeable, so far quite a couple of my friends complimented it and asked me where i bought it already! It's also available in Rose, Amethyst, Topaz and Sapphire colours, and the crystal color i love! (:

Saw that they have the Diore Crystal Gold Heart Necklace too and i totally had to get it to match the earrings! Both pieces cost me $39 + $39 = only $78 PLUS 50% off storewide discount code that i used during check out [i shared about it at the end of this post] 
so it's only $39 for these two pieces 0.0 , so crazy affordable!!

So all the dearest boyfriends/fiance/hubbies, we girls don't only love super expensive diamonds! Surprise your darling with Orion Crystal Jewellery's Swarovski accesories we'll be super appreciative & happy too!


Love em blings! My saturday morning look to attend a friend's church wedding at CHIJMES, it was a beaaaaautiful day. (:

Wearing Freshkon Perky Brown Fusion lenses, hair done by Bugis Essensuals just curled and styled it for the special day, accesories from

Orion jewel 1

Loves how it gives a touch of dazzle to my simple look!



So tempted to get some of their other accesories now! I really like the Angel Tanzanite Earrings [] 

Other than Earrings &Necklace, they also carry Rings, Bracelets, even Cufflinks for the boys!


My overall experience with Orion Crystal Jewllery has been awesome! Received my package just a couple of days after order, there is also Free Shipping, International Lifetime Warranty- hassle free warranty, just email their customer service and they will have your bling studded item in for repair and returned to you in perfect condition in no time.


Also they have the 30 Days Exchange Policy, so if it's a gift for your darling and for some reason they want to exchange the design for something else, they can do it within 30 days!


[Exclusive discount for TheLuckiestchick Readers:]

From now till 31th March, Get 50% Off Storewide!!!
Just key in promo code OCJ110a during check out to enjoy 50% off storewide.

  • Promotion only redeemable at
  • Enter promotion code OCJ110a at checkout.
  • Valid till 31 March 2013.
  • Valid to Singapore addresses only
  • Not valid in conjunction with other promotions or discount.
  • The management of Orion Crystal Jewellery reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions
  • without prior notice.
  • Other T&Cs apply.

 Have fun blingin' & dazzling with Orion Crystal Jewellery!

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.